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Germany: Sinsheim sauna is in the Guinnes
Germany: Sinsheim sauna is in the Guinnes
A sauna from 168 square meters. It's the largest i [...]
A Sauna of culture at Helsinki
A Sauna of culture at Helsinki
The Kulttuurisauna, which stands on the seaside in [...]
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Price € 5.200,00

Price € 4.800,00
The Relax
The Relax
Price € 4.895,00

3 Seats and 2 Lounges
24 All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets
Balboa Hetating System
StarBrite Interior Perimeter LED Lighting
3 Multiple Zoned Air Controls
Insulation Cover
14 LED Lights

Length: 200 cm
Width: 200 cm
Height: 85 cm
Dry Weight: 275 Kgs
Water Capacity: 1300 L

Technical Specification:
Pump 1: 3,0 HP
Pump 2: Circulation Pump
Pump 3: Airblower
Filtration: One Single Cartridge
Heating System: 3KW Heating

VAT included
Excluding Transport
Prefabricated Turkish Baths
Prefabricated Turkish Baths
Price € 2.640,00
Special offer € 1.848,00 Special offer
Turkish bath in eps (expanded polystyrene) preformed, measures cm 160x160x220h.
It 'easy to install. Our technical service will support you in all phases for both the predispositions of the plants of the turkish bath (you will be given technical diagrams plant) for the installation.
The price includes the property in eps turkish bath (walls, benches and roof)
The structure of the eps turkish bath is rough-shaven ready to be coated (mosaic, tiles, resin, travertine)
The EPS is a material with a high insulating power, and will deliver significant energy savings !!
The benches in the turkish bath are made with and without back and curved edge and internally allow the passage of the plants.
We realize, in addition to the standard ones, Turkish ba [...]
Kit steam bath 4 Kw
Kit steam bath 4 Kw
Price € 1.800,00
Kit steam bath 6 Kw
Kit steam bath 6 Kw
Price € 1.850,00
Price € 1.950,00
Chaise Longue and Relax lounger
Armchair chaise longue; structure made of eps fireproof high density laminated wood base and non-slip feet, covered in faux leather Ski certified fireproof.
Particularly suitable for relaxation centers, wellness areas, after sauna and turkish bath.
Thanks to its ergonomic shape, specially designed, provides the ultimate in relaxation in doposauna and turkish bath.
Stylish and comfortable
Available in the following colors:
red ferrari
dark green
yellow ocher

Measurements: cm 190x72x71 h max

Accessory set for sauna
Accessory set for sauna
Price € 120,00
The set consists of a thermo-hygrometer, a sand timer, a wooden ladle, a wooden bucket and 5 vials of essences.

Are not included: VAT and shipping

Price € 1.800,00
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